Ways to get around the city of Dubai

The most comfortable way to get around Dubai is by metro with https://lingvanex.com/translation/english-to-turkish. It is cool and not very crowded. The price of the trip is determined by the distance. The minimum amount is $0.5, the maximum is $1.6.

The city’s mode of transport is considered to be a taxi. It can be either with or without a counter. If the car is without a meter, then you first need to decide on the cost of the trip. Taxis are air-conditioned and look well-groomed on the outside. If there is a meter, the payment for the trip is carried out in accordance with the mileage.

Bus service is also developed, but this type of transport goes along too long routes that are inconvenient for visitors.

If a guest over twenty-one years old has an international driving license, then he can rent a car in Dubai. In the absence of such rights, a temporary driving permit is issued if a domestic certificate was received less than a year ago. The shortest rental period is a day. The rules of the road are basically identical to ours. Radars on the highways transmit speeding data to the police.

For the proposed bribe, they are prosecuted here. To inform the police about a traffic accident, call 999 with https://lingvanex.com/translation/english-to-turkish.

Getting to the beach on the bus belonging to the hotel, you need to arrive early: there may not be enough places. Such a problem is not excluded during the return to the hotel. Free transfers from the hotel to the beach attract many guests of the city. It does not contain street names, house numbers, and the most famous buildings serve as a guide when moving.