Start thinking in English

Of course, scrolling through the problems in our heads, yesterday or the movie we watched or bengali to english, each of us thinks in his own language. And it happens automatically. But in order to better learn a foreign language, you can resort to a little trick – start thinking in the target language. Yes, at first it will happen on purpose, but this will give additional skills when talking with native speakers of a foreign language. You will no longer translate “in your mind” your native thoughts into the necessary thoughts that will need to be voiced in a foreign language.

Here are 5 steps to help you think in English

think in separate words. This is at the beginning level of language learning. Of course, you will not be able to think through complex phrases and discussions of the problem, but it is enough to do this in separate simple words. For example, waking up in the morning, you can wish yourself “Good morning”, and lying down in a warm bed in the evening, summarize the past day a little: “It was a long day. I am tired but happy. goodnight!

The following small helpers will help you with this: hang stickers around the house about a reminder to think in English, set technical devices to English, put a reminder in English on your mobile phone screen saver to think in English.

you can talk about your life to yourself. Describe your past day or your biography, even in the third person. Or describe to yourself what you are doing at the moment: “I got up and go to wash.” “Now I’m going to eat.” “I go to work”. Of course, all this must be done in the target language.

Be creative when you can’t remember (or don’t know) the word you need to insert into a sentence during a conversation. Try to replace a forgotten (or not yet known) word with its definition or say a synonym. For example, if you want to say: “I lost the key” and forgot the word “key”, try to say: “I lost what opens the door.” Do not try to insert the Russian analogue of the word into the phrase (if the conversation is with a Russian-speaking person). Creativity can also be developed by playing games like Crocodile. Think of a word, explain with gestures, let friends name the answer options in English.

go to conversation clubs. We wrote about conversational clubs in more detail earlier.

systematize the study and consolidation of vocabulary through games. If you have a sufficiently developed level of conversation, then you can conduct master classes, for example, filming everything on camera, posting it on the Internet, or conduct them in front of a live audience (in the same conversation club). At the same time, it will be necessary to “outline” a plan in your head that you should follow when talking about skills and abilities. Of course, thinking and planning should be in the target language.

Smile more often and do not forget that hard work is always rewarded. good luck!