Translation of abbreviations and acronyms

Every day, more and more english to bangla translation and abbreviations appear, which are used in special texts and in everyday life.

In many languages, the translation of abbreviations has its own characteristics. Sometimes the words of two languages, due to the similarity of the letter or sound composition, give false information. When translating abbreviations, you should pay attention to the spelling and sound of the abbreviation. For example, the abbreviation (ASCII) stands for (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) and translates as (American Standard Code for Information Interchange), with the decryption given in the original language. This means that this abbreviation is formed from the first letters of the words of the name.

Abbreviations of the names of organizations and institutions are written without quotation marks. The text translates: names of units and organizations; titles of titles, titles, degrees of scientists; proper names. If the abbreviation is not deciphered, then it is left in the original language.

Knowing the components makes it much easier to decipher complex abbreviations. Translation of abbreviations into Russian can be done in the following ways:

Sound alphanumeric transcription
Translation and transcription
Abbreviated names of devices and equipment are not deciphered and are left in the translation in the original language. If there is an established version of the abbreviation in the target language, they use it. Long words and phrases hinder our understanding, therefore abbreviations are used. Be that as it may, the use of abbreviations can lead to errors.

Difficulties in translating abbreviations from English into Russian lie in the fact that all parts of speech are subject to abbreviations and in the fact that abbreviations are written in upper and lower case letters, together and separately, with dots and without dots. Another difficulty in translating abbreviations is due to the fact that some abbreviations have several meanings.

Also, the translation of abbreviations is quite difficult for oral translation. Since the translator during interpretation is not able to use dictionaries and other sources. And therefore, he can only rely on his professional experience.