Poland with polish to english is beginning to gain popularity among tourists, which has a good effect on the country’s economy. And it is not surprising that more and more Polish language schools are opening and the number of students and residents of Poland is growing. So why would it be a good idea to learn Polish after all? We’ll be happy to figure it out.

1. “Map of the Pole”

Yes, you’ve probably heard of her more than once. This is a document that gives you great opportunities. This is a job, an option for free education and development of your business, medical care, permission to stay in Poland. You will be able to receive discounts from the state when applying for a mortgage, residence permit and visa. Probably, it is not necessary to say that it is impossible to get it without knowledge of the Polish language. To obtain a card, you need a level of Polish not lower than A2. You can read more about how to get this card here.

2. Polish is quite easy to learn

Yes this is true. In Polish, there are a lot of words similar to our state language, that you can find similarities in pronunciation. Which makes it much easier to learn. Therefore, with regular classes, a positive result will not be long in coming.

3. Exchange programs

Residents from the CIS countries are often offered various exchange programs and internships with subsequent employment and translate polish to english. Also, there is an opportunity to get a certificate of European education, which can be applied in many places. But for this, as you understand, knowledge of the Polish language is also required.

4. Relatively rare language

Everyone is now trying to learn English, Chinese, German, Spanish. But not many people know Polish. But despite this, there are a lot of people who speak Polish, and there are more and more such people. And as we said earlier, Poland is going up in the economy and this can be used. By learning the language, of course.

5. Self-development

Why not? Now self-development is considered a very popular investment in yourself. A new language means constantly new opportunities and acquaintances. Who knows, maybe when you learn a new language for you, you will radically change your life?