“The communist conspiracy consists of a group of people [who] are determined to control the natural resources of the world.”

- Bella Dodd, from a 1950’s speech.  Ms. Dodd was a leading member of the Communist Party of America in the 1930s and 1940s and was once head of the New York State Teachers Union.  Watch this film and learn how sustainable development could be the system used to control the natural resources of the world and why future generations will do nothing to stop it!

“It is the human population that needs management not wildlife.”

In It’s Easy Being Green When You Have No Choice you will learn why:

  • The global war on CO2 could not exist if the Soviet Union had not collapsed;
  • Freedom is the ultimate cause of global warming and why managerial supervision is needed to “save the planet;”
  • Government sponsored global warming education is vital to creating green democracy;
  • The individual is seen as the number one obstacle to global green collectivism;
  • Environmentalism is a religion that unites all cultures;
  • Post-normal science is not normal science and why it is the science of climate change; and
  • This has been happening without any resistance.